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  • CUSTOM DESIGN. Each Island Funnel is custom and built directly on a WordPress site using your domain name.
  • CAPTURE PAGE. An “opt-in/landing page” that is integrated with your MailChimp account.
  • VIDEO SALES PAGE. This page is used to sell your free or low-price product/service.
  • CHECKOUT PAGE. Quick and easy checkout page that is integrated with your Stripe account.
  • UPSELL PAGE. This page is used to generate an instant offer for a product/service to save 50-60% instantly, and is integrated with your Stripe account.
  • CONFIRMATION PAGE. This page will show a final confirmation, and link to the final destination you provide.
  • SPLIT TESTING. Choose any one page in your funnel that will be duplicated for split testing.
  • SECURE WEB HOSTING. All Island Funnels are hosted on our server with an SSL certificate!
  • WEBSITE SUPPORT. Live and ticket support. We make changes to all funnel content for you, fix any issues with system, hosting or email accounts.
  • EMAIL ACCOUNTS. 2 Unlimited Email Accounts that match your Island Funnel domain name.
  • $197/Mo (billed quarterly)

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