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Simple follow up solution 3 module training

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Your Questions Answered

I’m not a techie. Will this be easy for me to follow and implement?

Yes. You will receive both written and video instructions that are very easy to follow. In addition, you will receive a free 30-day trial to my live weekly tech support calls where I will be able to personally answer your questions.   

I don’t use Gmail, why do I want to use this system? 

You will be using your business email address ( as the email address the emails come from and the reply to email, not your Gmail address. Gmail is simply a tool that will allow you to send a larger number of engagement emails without impacting your ability to send emails from your regular business email account.   

I can only tolerate about 45-60 minutes of techie stuff at a time before just zoning out. Will I be able to digest this information?

Yes, the information is broken down into bite size pieces. Each training section is less than 60 minutes. You also have the option to pause the video and come back to it on your own time.   

Why would I use this system vs just personalizing emails and sending them out from my free MailChimp account?

Because any of the large mailing accounts are all facing the same requirements and just can’t make an email from their system look like, or feel like a personal email from a personal/business domain. Too often messages end up in a spam filter or just have all the markings of a mass mailing.   

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